Yours-gratis - 56-page manual teaches key fundamentals of building a high performance "Sales Vortex" - a gift from the editors of Social Media Mags

  • Learn 31 different ways to attract highly targeted prospects to your "Sales Vortex"

  • Discover 7 key stages a prospect must pass through in order to become a "raving champion" for your business

  • How to install a motion sensor that tells your sales team when it's the right time to close

  • 9 metrics every business owner must know in order to maximize profitability and conversion

  • Complete list/detailed examination of the best tools and resources you've probably never heard of

  • Much, much more...


     I'll make this fast. The primary purpose of any business is to create a new client or customer. Bottom-line...without buyers and transactions, no enterprise can sustain, let alone survive. I sat down with a man who has personally developed dozens of the best sales, turnkey automated funnels in the business - and asked him to take his "game" UP to a stratospheric level.


We created the concept of a "Sales Vortex" - rather than a mere sales funnel. The idea here is that once someone is in it - they are honorably, ethically, authentically - but stunningly - automatically, continuously, progressively "advanced and enhanced" forward - until ultimately they transact business or passionately influence someone else who CAN transact business with you.


Why the concept of a "SalesVortex"
- Instead of the Traditional Sales Funnel?

     Because, it means a rotating, high powered entity to which particles (people, prospects) are drawn to or held by their relationship with a central point or zone. In scientific terms (with business application metaphors imputed) vortexes happen when a cold air front (think cold leads) meets a warm air front (warm, inviting marketing-based relationship) and the cold air drops as the warm air rises (gains connectivity). The word "vortex" is used in different contexts. But one definition is...the effect it has on the mindset and energy/passion on people who come near them (i.e. the vortex of Sedona, Arizona). Our strategy in creating the sales vortex is to provide you a meaningful way of changing mindset, educating people about your product/service company and getting them energized to want to do business with you.


What's different about what we're discussing here from
conventional sales funnel theory is:

     We tie ALL forms of media together strategically/significantly, not just online. Our philosophy is meant to be an educational process for you to embrace, NOT all self-serving pitches It's automated and self-adjusting, according to buyer behavior and required sales cycle It accelerates the buying cycle, fortifies and enhances the buying process and success probability It helps make selling superfluous.

Multiplies the Probability of a Successful Outcome

     Your success probability multiplies many times higher if/when you embrace the "SalesVortex Strategy," rather than doing the topical episodic, static-type, intermittent follow-up process - most businesses practice.

Looks at Every Critical Impact Factor

     We looked at everything that's critical... differentiation, the key questions to ask, educating your prospects, key pain points, a look at trust and social proof and other secondary objectives to consider. We've tried to clearly explain the basic requirements you need to incorporate into your SalesVortex. We've introduced some meaningful thinking on how to attract more/better quality prospects. We've examined all of the ways to deliver targeted prospects. We discuss building your SalesVortex online. We walk you through a rather provocative concept called "Motion Sensor" marketing. We show you fundamentals of how to astutely track user activity and marketing effectiveness. We identify important tools and resources you should know about.


Is that all? No - not by a mile.

  • We provide 8 key questions for creating a powerful unique/preeminent selling proposition

  • We identify 28 ways to source quality prospects

  • We explain, explore and examine the concept of a sales magnet

  • We provide staggering statistics about repurchase probabilities

  • What to do to avoid, eliminate, overcome buyer's remorse (that can lead to cancellations, refunds, no repurchase)

  • The role of the "Nurturing Sequence"

  • Ways to track (if you don't do it well or completely) and what to track - and why!

  • How to calculate, think about ROI


Helps Any Business Perform the Sales Function Better

     Is this just some flimsy, thrown-together "sales brochure" cleverly disguised as a high-level report? No, it's not. In fact there are only two sentences in the entire report that mention anything other than YOU and YOUR BUSINESS. Teddy Garcia, co-author and the expert at building profitable sales vortex systems and Jay Abraham, co-author, tell you how you can reach them - IF you have questions or need. Truly, this resource is intended to help any/every business owner/manager reading this magazine who wants their sales process to perform better. But it's especially intended for people who know that their follow-through, follow-up, conversion and referral activities -- and processes -- are lacking (or need a big boost).

     The report is yours-gratis, for the asking, along with complimentary subscriptions to all four of our social media mags. And you'll get future informative updates, case study anatomies of other companies' successful SalesVortex applications to model. All we ask in return is one favor -- and you can perform it when (and if) it's appropriate anytime in the future.

     If you use the ideas, instruction and guidance this report provides and see meaningful improvements in results, responses, relationships, repurchases, referrals, etc. - let us know. We're creating a future special feature story which may turn into a regular column called "Tales About Sales."